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July 2019 - Paris Panorama

Welcome to the July 2019 edition of our newsletter Paris Panorama!

Each month we feature an inspiring haiku poem by Anna Eklund-Cheong.  You will also find a photograph of Paris by Sophia Pagan, our restaurant of the month with a link to the review, and an angel of the month by Rosemary Flannery. 

Bonne lecture!


Haiku of the Month

Photograph by Eric Hian-Cheong
Haiku by Anna Eklund-Cheong


Photo of the Month


Photograph by Sophia Pagan

Fine art photographer Sophia Pagan has developed a Paris portrait session in collaboration with Entrée to Black Paris  To learn more, follow this link:  Black Paris Portraits.


Our Restaurant of the Month

Photograph by Entrée to Black Paris

Superb French fare served in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

Follow this link and sign in to read our review:


Angel of the Month

Amboise Chapel Angel
Photograph by Rosemary Flannery
Author of Angels of Paris - An Architectural Tour through the History of Paris

This year in France we celebrate the 500th year anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. Invited by François I in 1516 to live and work in the Loire Valley, this great artist, inventor, anatomist, engineer, botanist, and geologist spent the last four years of his life pursuing his scientific studies. Today, Leonardo’s tomb lies inside the Saint Hubert Chapel of the Château d’Amboise. Above the outside door, a stone-cut angel, weather-beaten and eroded by age, holds a banner reading "Gloria In excelsis des" - Glory to God in the highest.

Château Royal d'Amboise, Saint Hubert Chapel, Montée de l'Emir Abd el Kader, Amboise

To learn about other angels, follow this link: Angels of Paris – An Architectural Tour Through the History of Paris.

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