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Black Paris Profiles

Black Paris Profiles™ provides an up-close and personal view of what life is like for people who have left the U.S. and the Caribbean to settle in Paris. This book contains twenty-four (24) profiles of contemporary African-American and Afro-Caribbean expatriates—including sixteen (16) women—who have launched and developed careers, started families, and shaped lives and communities in Paris, in their homelands, and in other countries as well. Their viewpoints will shatter any stereotypes that you may hold about “who you need to be” and “what you need to do professionally” to make a life for yourself in the City of Light.

Whether you are planning a move or a visit to Paris, or simply dreaming of a life there, you'll want to read this book!  Get your copy from Amazon.com today!

Black Paris Profiles

Black Paris Profiles™ presents the stories of 24 contemporary African-American and Afro-Caribbean expatriates as told to Entrée to Black Paris co-founder Monique Y. Wells.

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