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Private Visit - Black-owned Art Gallery

Since she was a child in Martinique, and then as a young girl in Paris, Laurence Choko's heart was set on making a mark on the art world as a curator and owner.  She realized this dream when she opened Galerie Intemporel (Timeless Gallery) in Paris in 1982.

Born in Fort-de-France, Martinique, Choko spent her childhood and adolescence in Le Havre and subsequently moved to Paris to study art. She discovered Caribbean art during her twenties upon returning to her homeland and credits “the spontaneity of the artistic universe of Haïti” for helping her to better understand Western art.

This awakening inspired Choko to begin to collect art and represent artists who had little visibility in Europe. She began promoting Black artists by putting their works beside those of so-called classical European painters, or “the masters of art,” which inspired French audiences to ask themselves why the work of the Black artists had never been represented. Part of her concept is "to get people to see the expression of Black fine art as a universal experience."

Choko has moved Intemporel from its commercial space near the Centre Pompidou to a private location and currently welcomes visitors by appointment only.

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