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October 2017 - Paris Panorama

Welcome to the October 2017 edition of our newsletter Paris Panorama!

Each month we feature an inspiring haiku poem by Anna Eklund-Cheong.  You will also find a photograph of Paris by Sophia Pagan, our restaurant of the month with a link to the review, and an angel of the month by Rosemary Flannery. 

Bonne lecture!


Haiku of the Month

Photograph by Eric Hian-Cheong
Haiku by Anna Eklund-Cheong


Photo of the Month

Photograph by Sophia Pagan

Black and white architectural detail of a pedestrian underpass sign Paris, France.

Fine art photographer Sophia Pagan has developed a Paris portrait session in collaboration with Entrée to Black Paris  To learn more, follow this link:  Black Paris Portraits.


Our Restaurant of the Month

Photograph by Entrée to Black Paris

We feasted on delicious Cajun- and Creole-inspired cuisine at Nola, located on the Saint Martin Canal

Follow this link and sign in to read our review:


Angel of the Month


Tambourine Angel
Photograph by Rosemary Flannery
Author of Angels of Paris - An Architectural Tour through the History of Paris

Angels playing harps are a classic depiction, but why not tapping a beat with a tambourine? Anne-Marie Roux-Cola’s 1935 commission for the decor of the Saint Odile Church entrance fired her imagination. Using warm, ochre-toned sandstone from the saint’s native region of Alsace, she sculpted an orchestra of angels that include string, brass, and percussion musicians, such as this somber young tambourinist. His feathery wings sweep upward, in the Art Deco style inspired by Aztec and Egyptian art. The name Odile means "daughter of light;" she is the protector of those who are spiritually and physically blind.

Church of Staint Odile, 2, avenue Stephane Mallarmé, 17th arrondissement (Métro: Porte de Champerret)

To learn about other angels of Paris, follow this link: Angels of Paris – An Architectural Tour Through the History of Paris.

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