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September 2006 - An American Defender of an Historical Landmark in Paris

During the third weekend of September, France celebrates Patrimony Days – a call to citizens to visit and admire France’s historical sites, including many that are not normally open to the public during the year. Initiated in 1984, the event was originally called Open House Day. The plan was well received and over the years the number of visitors, as well as the number of sites to visit, have increased. In 1991 the event was adopted as a European-wide celebration, and this year 48 countries will host European Patrimony Days. In France alone, some 12 million visitors are anticipated to explore some 15,000 sites that will be open throughout the country this year.

As part of this month’s celebration of France’s cultural heritage, Entrée to Black Paris thinks it befitting to recall the efforts of Orrin Hein, an American who launched a major effort to save a part of France’s patrimony – the historic Baltard pavilions, threatened with imminent destruction in 1971.

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