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May 2008 - The Fabulous History of the Procope Café

Le ProcopeCoffee, the perfumed, bitter grain whose infusion we consume as a restorative beverage, was introduced into Paris sometime during the 17th century. And one man, Francesco Procopio di Coltelli, played a major role in providing a splendid place where consumers could go to enjoy this drink. Read on to learn about the café that Mr. Procopio founded, and the people who frequented it.

To research this month’s restaurant review for Le Bon Goût, we dined at an eatery called Les Cailloux. Located in the Butte aux Cailles quarter, this small, handsome restaurant serves up delicious Italian fare.

And finally, for our Paris, Past and Present story, we feature the statue of Georges Jacques Danton, who lived not far away from the Procope Café.

Bonne Lecture!

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