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April 2023 - Paris Panorama

Welcome to the April 2023 edition of our newsletter Paris Panorama!

Each month we feature an inspiring haiku poem by Anna Eklund-Cheong.  You will also find a photograph of Paris by Tom Reeves, our restaurant of the month with a link to the review, and an angel of the month by Rosemary Flannery.

Bonne lecture!


Haiku of the Month

Camellias - April 2023 haiku

April Haiku
Haiku by Anna Eklund-Cheong


Photo of the Month

Glass pyramid at dawn 

Glass Pyramid at Dawn
Photograph by Tom Reeves

Tom Reeves contributes photographs of Paris to the Paris Insights Facebook page.

Our Restaurant of the Month

Our restaurant of the month is selected from the restaurants at which we dined during the prior month.   We invite our readers to read our reviews at the following link: (sign in to gain access to the reviews).

Ciasa Mia

Ciasa Mia
Photograph by Entrée to Black Paris

Ciasa Mia serves exquisite northern Italian fare near the Panthéon.



Angel of the Month

 The Oldest Angel: Église Saint Germain-des-Près

The Oldest Angel: Église Saint-Germain-des-Près

Photograph by Rosemary Flannery
Author of Angels of Paris - An Architectural Tour through the History of Paris

For this month's angel, Rosemary writes:

Entering the glorious Saint-Germain-des-Près church, visitors will observe the glaringly bright 2020 renovation with its blue star-studded vaulting and restored 19th century frescos lining the upper walls. The original church dates to circa 754 and was built and rebuilt after being destroyed by Vikings in the 9th century.  Damaged by revolutionaries in the 18th, vestiges of its extraordinary 11th century Romanesque past endure.

Walk along the southern ambulatory toward the farthest end of the church. French churches are built from back to front, facing east to evoke sunrise and the resurrection of Christ; therefore, the oldest structures of a church are invariably found there. Almost hidden from view, in the Saint Anne chapel, you will find an ancient stone angel atop a small supporting pillar. Its striated locks, foliated wings, and beaded collar recall the early Byzantine art from which Roman art evolved. Somewhat static in design, the angel is richly ornamented, wearing a zig-zag banded cap molding into the column above. Its huge almond eyes and subtle smile prevail through the ages.

Église Saint-Germain-des-Près
Place Saint-Germain-des-Près 
Metro: Saint-Germain-des-Près 

To learn about other angels, follow this link:  Angels of Paris – An Architectural Tour Through the History of Paris.

Rosemary Flannery is an experienced artist currently creating portrait drawings from photos.  Click here to learn more:

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