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December 2019 - Talk the English-language Library in Angers and Article in Le Monde

Monique Y. Wells at the English-language Library of Angers
Photograph by Entrée to Black Paris

On Friday, December 13, Monique Y. Wells gave a presentation at the English-language Library in Angers about American artist Beauford Delaney and the video documentary that Entrée to Black Paris is co-producing about him. 

Explaining How to Use the Blippar Application
Photograph by Entrée to Black Paris

Following the presentation, she explained how to use the Blippar application with the catalog that she produced for the Beauford Delaney Exhibition in Paris in 2016 to trigger recorded commentary about Delaney's art.

Library Patrons Watching Video Trailer about Beauford Delaney
Photograph by Annette Bonnell

About forty-five library patrons attended the event.   The library is the largest Anglophone library in western France.

Image:  Excerpts from Article in Le Monde

In an article entitled "Découvrir les Afriques à Paris, et rendre visible une histoire méconnue," published on December 24, the venerable journal Le Monde mentioned Entrée to Black Paris. Click here to read! https://www.lemonde.fr/afrique/article/2019/12/24/decouvrir-les-afriques-a-paris-et-rendre-visible-une-histoire-meconnue_6023990_3212.html

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