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Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Atelier Lea Lund and Erik K - Open for Business!

I first met Lea Lund and Erik K. at the African Stories exhibition at the Mu Gallery in January 2017.

The dynamic couple informed me that they'd soon be opening an atelier in the 11th arrondissement and promised to keep me informed. They were true to their word and invited Tom and me to their vernissage, which took place on March 31.

Vernissage invitation

It was a gorgeous day and the festivities had already gotten off to a great start by the time we arrived. People congregated on the cobblestones and the sidewalk in front of the atelier.

Guests gather in front of Lea Lund & Erik K atelier
© Entrée to Black Paris

Lund and K happily posed for a photo before the crowd showed up. They are the epitome of grace and style!

Erik K and Lea Lund
© Entrée to Black Paris

The photograph used for the invitation hung prominently on a wall at the left of the predominantly open space. K told me that he dressed in one of Lund's kimonos and draped a scarf over his head to pose for this photo.

Photo for vernissage invitation on the atelier wall
© Entrée to Black Paris

Front room of atelier
© Entrée to Black Paris

Soon people began to filter into the atelier to appreciate the works inside.

Guests gather inside the atelier
© Entrée to Black Paris

Lea Lund greets guests
© Entrée to Black Paris

K and Monique Wells admire Erik, Paris, 2015 (Kind of Blue)
© Entrée to Black Paris

Erik, Paris, 2015 (Kind of Blue)
© Entrée to Black Paris

Though their magnificent photographs and engravings were hung throughout their freshly renovated space, Lund and K emphasized that they are not operating a gallery. Rather, this will be a work space, complete with a press, where they will create K's engravings.

Reproduction of Erik K engraving of Coco Chanel
© Entrée to Black Paris

They will continue to live part time in Switzerland and travel the world to find more stunning backdrops for their photography.

Atelier Lea Lund et Erik K
3, cité Dupont
75011 Paris
Internet: http://lealund.com/

Bouquet of roses and silhouette of Erik K
© Entrée to Black Paris

art Black Paris engraving Lea Lund and Erik K. photography