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December 2017 - Testimonial from Professor Claire Garcia

Colorado College Group
"In the Shadow of Montmartre" Walking Tour
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Dr. Claire Garcia, Professor of English at Colorado College, has provided us with the following testimonial about our walk "In the Shadow of Montmartre."  For information about this and other walks on African-American history in Paris, click here: https://www.entreetoblackparis.com/entree-to-black-paris.

Entrée to Black Paris Tours has become an indispensable element of my abroad class, Black Writers in Paris, which I have been teaching since 2005. Dr. Monique Wells brings a scholar’s deep knowledge and passion to the many aspects of Black Paris’s history. The walking tour “In the Shadow of Montmartre” is always very popular with students. Dr. Wells is a dynamic lecturer who can offer a wealth of information in an engaging way. One student said, “I turned into a child when we went on the walking tour around Montmartre. To even walk on the same streets as the great black artists and thinkers of their time was surreal. I felt blessed to see the places where these greats were, in particular, Langston Hughes.” Another student wrote that “One of my favorite parts of the tour was when we learned about the way in which jazz transcended racial, social, and economic lines in Paris.” My students love how effective the tour is in bringing a vanished and wonderful black past to life on the streets of modern Paris.

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